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Our Products

We may have grown a reputation for our well known 'Masham Sausages' range, but we are still a traditional butchers offering a full range of meats in a variety of cuts. 

We also offer a full range of sundrie products alongside our meat instore.

Image by Jez Timms
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We are currently offering a variety of meat packs for out customers to pick and choose from.

We have our 'Pick'n'Mix' meat pack (shown left) which allows customers to create their own meat pack filling it with only the stuff they need & love.


We offer a range of standard meat packs ranging from £22 up to £66. These offer a range of products which allows you to make a whole host of different meals.  

Our winter warmer packs are aimed at filling you up during the cold months of the year. Filled with stewing and mince meats ready to make some filling hearty meals.

We have our economy meat pack which is aimed at making meat go further offering cuts which can be used in a variety of different ways.

All of our meat packs can be found on our Facebook page at any time!


All of our Pork is outdoor reared and as locally sourced as possible, mixed with fresh ingredients and the finest blends of seasonings.


Our sausages our handmade everyday to ensure the best quality product possible. We have over 30 flavours of sausages available at peak time.


Our Beef

All of our matured Beef is produced locally and is of the highest quality. We mature all of our beef for 28 days with all of our cuts of steak being hung in our dry-ager for that duration to enhance flavour.


We offer a huge range of 'speciality' products alongside our huge range of meats. This include but is not limited to products such as Burgers, Kievs, Ecky Thumps, Kebabs, Pastry Wheels, Ready Meals and much more.

Keep an eye on our Facebook for more information about our ever growing range!

Our Lamb

All of our Lamb is local Yorkshire lamb of the highest quality. We also have Spring Lamb available during the spring.

Our Pork

All of our pork for Joints, Steaks and Sausage is local, outdoor, rare-breed pork.

Our Poultry

We provide whole birds from both Herb Fed and Soanes Poultry. Alongside these we offer free range Chicken & some other varieties of poultry from Nidderdale Poultry.

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